Altus Staffing

Altus had a clear vision on using feedback to build out long-term client and candidate satisfaction. Starred was exactly the partner Altus were looking for to automate Net Promoter Score via Bullhorn.

Use Case
Automated candidate experience feedback, client feedback
Objectives & Challenges
  • Objectivise understanding of client satisfaction and candidate experience.
  • Understand consultant and brand performance in terms of satisfaction across 5 niches and 3 countries.
  • Tailored integration with CRM Bullhorn and Starred, aligned with Altus’ workflow and data-handling. Automated NPS survey trigger for placed candidates.
  • Customized holding account structure on Starred encompassing Altus’s brands and locations. Analysis performed on organisation-wide level.
  • Candidates and clients receive feedback survey one day after placement start date. 
Key Results
  • Client- and Candidate Net Promoter Score increase of +10 in one quarter.
  • 47% response rate from candidates, 30% client response rate.
  • Identifying drivers of Candidate Experience – coaching consultants based on Starred feedback data.

Altus Staffing is an ICT recruitment consultancy, headquartered in Amsterdam.

Over its 7 years of operation, the company has roughly doubled in size every year. In 2018 it counts 160 consultants across 3 offices (Amsterdam, Dusseldorf and Antwerp) and 5 brands: Visser & Van Baars, Spilberg Development, Eswelt, Tergos and Perca Search – all of which have a clear focus on a specific niche area within the ICT landscape. As Director of Operations, Dennis van Weeren, explains, managing quality is high on the agenda.

“At Altus we say we want to know more about less. Emphasis on quality is part of our DNA – our consultants go further. In practice this means that as part of their onboarding our consultants learn to do basic programming in Java, for example. This way they can better anticipate what customers need, ahead of time.”

Dennis makes it his business to ensure Altus’ consultants deliver the highest quality candidate experience possible. This goes for all 5 niche levels, in which they aspire to be the best across the board. This focus on quality carries throughout Altus’ processes, looking for bulletproof solutions as it scales.

Scaling quality

Altus’ greatest challenge is keeping up with its own growth. With a machinery optimised on incentives, consultants have been focused on volume and quality of placements. It’s beyond doubt that Altus have been incredibly effective with this approach. The war on IT talent rages on in 2018. In the Netherlands alone there’s an estimated 20,000 shortage of IT workers, so the challenge isn’t placing a good candidate – but rather how to build sustainable relationships with clients and candidates for future outreach and solid recruitment branding. Both the Candidate Journey and Customer Journey are at stake. Therefore, the question for Dennis is:

“How good do our clients and candidates think we are? We need an objective score, rather than asking each team lead to gauge satisfaction. We’re actually getting too big to really know if our perception of this at scale is objective enough. NPS was going to provide us the insights we need.”

Previous feedback methods had consisted mainly of ad-hoc checkups, so a new solution needed to integrate into their workflow in a smart and automated way. Altus had experimented with Bullhorn’s inbuilt NPS feature, which allowed Dennis to make a start with testing the waters with the Net Promoter Score methodology.

For even deeper alignment with his strategy, he sought out a specialised supplier in the feedback space who could deliver customisable triggers and workflows for Altus’ candidate feedback. The briefing in terms of requirements was to implement a comprehensive, automated feedback program to evaluate satisfaction from both clients and placed candidates with their experience. Enter Starred.

“Starred is flexible to our own way of working, especially in Bullhorn. The insights into the scores of both candidates and clients have helped us immediately improve their experience.”

Dennis van Weeren
Operations Director, Altus Staffing

Automated NPS

An account structure was built on Starred to reflect Altus’ 5 brands and 3 countries of operation. Altus sought Starred’s Customer Success expertise in customising this account structure, and all necessary integration and automation flowing out- and feeding back into Bullhorn. The integration was delivered tailored to Altus’ existing workflows and ways of working with data and objects in Bullhorn. Within 1.5 months the process was established, Dennis’s team was onboarded to the Starred platform, and now Altus benefits from NPS feedback data to correlate with their 4 placement types, locations, consultants, brands and more.

Altus sends automated NPS feedback forms to both clients and candidates a day after the candidate’s start date, thereby getting continuous real-time insights about satisfaction at every level of its business. For Dennis, understanding the business value of investing in feedback comes down to holistic thinking about maintaining good relationships and strong branding.

“NPS through Starred is going to help us by us getting clear feedback and being objective about client and candidate perceptions. It’s a candidate’s market out there right now, but that can change. We have to take care of both by embedding long-term thinking into our strategy and thinking.”

Insights into action

Post-implementation, insights are already converting to action. “We’re using comments to give our consultants one-on-one feedback, and building our references for feedback per brand, per country, as well as client and candidate sites.” The value of client- and candidate satisfaction is taking hold through Altus, as Dennis explains, “awareness that NPS is being sent fosters attentiveness to perform in ways to increase satisfaction.”

Walk into Altus’ Amsterdam HQ, and you’ll immediately notice screens around the office showing company- as well as consultant performance. Focus and resolve on delivering only the best is made tangible through details like this. As the collaboration between Altus and Starred develops, Dennis is clear in his objectives. Next up is integrating Starred data and insights into his BI tooling and analysing results development over time. This of course means also getting Starred dashboards up on-screen and getting every team invested in their feedback. Dennis envisions his ‘Most Valuable Player’ will be the consultant who strikes the perfect balance between high average deal value, and the most satisfied clients candidates. This philosophy guiding the company’s growth trajectory is sure to only further confirm Altus’ reputation among the finest recruitment consultancies in IT, with industry-leading candidate experience.

NPS +10 in one quarter

We checked back in with Dennis in November ’18 to see how Starred has helped Altus on their mission to measure and improve Candidate Experience. With a 47% response rate from candidates, and 30% client response rate it certainly looks like engagement is positive. More impressive still is a 10 point increase to both candidate- and client NPS in one quarter. We asked Dennis if Starred is helping Altus identify the drivers of their Candidate Experience. “Yes – it’s the fact we get individual scores that we can act directly upon that feedback,” he tells us. “We correct for any hiccups in the experience and coach our consultants based on this feedback.”

-With thanks to Dennis van Weeren at Altus Staffing.