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Starred has allowed us to gain valuable insight into our candidate experience. This data has given us a deeper understanding of the needs of our candidates, enabling us to enhance our overall experience and continue to attract top talent.

Brianna Streeter

Candidate Experience Program Manager

Trusted by 250+ companies worldwide.

"The whole setup was super simple! The Greenhouse integration took only a few minutes, and the setup of the surveys, as well as the internal logics, were very intuitive. The Support Team was very responsive and could help me with everything I was unsure about."

Valentin Neumann
Global Head of Operations HR

"Starred is an excellent tool that has helped us gain insight into the views of our applicants and hiring managers. We’ve been able to make adaptations to our recruitment process in the spirit of continuous improvement, as a result of what the surveys’ answers have shown us. The support we have had from the Starred team has been good and proactive, from the outset of setting up the system and also on an ongoing basis. The system is easy to navigate and the ability to slice and dice the responses in the way you need them is good."

Adele King
Performance and Process Improvement Manager - Talent Experience

"Starred is the ideal tool to measure Candidate Experience. The surveys are easily sent out, and in the dashboards, we can easily make analyses on which we base our actions."

Suzanne Mars-van het Hof
Talent Acquisition Coordinator

"Starred’s Customer Success Manager felt like an extra member of our team in both the project’s build-up and analysis phases, contributing a distinct and invaluable external perspective."

Salvatore Falgarini
Manager HR Core Processes HRIS

"Starred is flexible for our way of working, especially in Bullhorn. The insights we get from Candidates and Hiring Managers have directly helped us improve their experience."

Dennis van Weeren
Operations Director

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