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How Do I Get Candidate Experience Feedback in My Recruitment Process?

How to get candidate feedback


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Did you recognize your main issues in any of the experience pain points we mentioned in the previous chapter? Or perhaps you'd like to improve but are not sure what to focus on? Feedback will help you find out what that is. As you can understand, feedback allows you to improve from application to on-boarding. This will lead to better reviews and improve the phases from awareness to interest. There are sets of questions you could use to gather feedback, all related to relevant moments.

After the Application

  • Is the company's job platform easy to use?
  • Was it simple to upload your CV on it?
  • Did the vacancy description help you accurately understand the role?

After the Interview(s)

  • Was the interviewer punctual?
  • Had they properly prepared for the interview?
  • Did they carry on the interview for a reasonable amount of time?
  • Was the conversation pleasant? How was your experience going to the office?
  • What did you like/dislike about the selection process?

After the Rejection/Withdrawal

  • Rejection: Were the reasons you were rejected clear?
  • Did the rejection take too long to reach?
  • Was the communication friendly and respectful?
  • Would you apply to a future vacancy at our company?
  • How likely are you to encourage a friend to apply for a job at our company?
  • How likely are you to buy our products/use our services again?
  • What was the biggest issue you faced during the application and selection phases?
  • Withdrawal: Why did you reject our offer?

These are just some suggestions for you to get started. For a more comprehensive approach to getting your Candidate Experience feedback surveys right, check out this Survey Questions page. It also shows you some templates, visually showcasing the way that Starred helps companies ask these types of questions, both in terms of structure and content.

How to get candidate feedback

There are phases you could decide to focus on, but ultimately there are two things to remember, says Starred’s Business Intelligence Analyst Phil:

How to get candidate feedback

Now that we’ve seen the questions correlated to the phase the candidate’s in, let’s talk about how to implement feedback gathering. Should we do it manually or automate? Find out the difference between these two methods in the next chapter. Is manual gathering and analysis of data really cheaper than automation?