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Your Keys to Success


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Congratulations, you’re now equipped with applicable insights on how to make your hiring process more inclusive - they will be your compass throughout your journey. Before you leave, here are the main takeaways you should remember - your keys to success:

  • Whatever strategy you decide to use, you’ll need to be flexible and embrace continuous improvement, for it’ll be a never-ending learning experience.
  • You’ll also need to measure your results. For a thorough overview, you’ll need demographic data, which will give you insights on how you’re doing in terms of hiring diverse talent, and experience data, which will tell you how inclusive your hiring process is. You’ll get experience data by gathering feedback from your candidates and onboarding employees.
  • Starred’s D&I Insights Dashboard will help you combine the two types of data so you can observe your results down to a very granular level.
  • You’ll want to regularly monitor your situation, discuss and share your results. To ensure that there’s accountability, you’ll need to think of impactful consequences.
  • We hope that our practical guide to inclusive hiring has provided you with clarity and fresh ideas that you can use on your journey to a more inclusive hiring process.

    The team at Starred wishes you the best of luck on your inclusive hiring adventure!

And remember, you won’t have to pull yourself up by your bootstraps: we’re here to help.

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