The Inclusive Hiring Guide

Step-by-step Practices & How to Measure Progress


Like you, many organizations have embraced Diversity and Inclusion and are trying to fix what is broken. But while there’s ample information and research out there, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start. At Starred, we’ve been helping Talent Acquisition teams for more than five years to listen actively to candidates who want to improve their Candidate Experience. Giving voices to candidates, genuinely listening to those voices, and offering them an extraordinary experience is precisely what recruitment teams expect from Diversity and Inclusion hiring practices. Our experience with amplifying candidates’ voices and transforming those voices into data allows us to help you make your Inclusive Hiring practices measurable and accountable.

“Imagine a place where people of all colors and all races are on and climbing every rung of the corporate ladder; where those people feel safe — indeed, expected — to bring their unassimilated, authentic selves to work every day, because thedifference that they bring is both recognized and respected. And imagine a place where

the lessons we learn about Diversity at work actually transform the things we do, think and say outside of work. That is what happens if we all work together to fix what’s broken.”

– Janet Stovall

With this practical guide, you can refine your hiring processes, make them more Inclusive, and improve them, powered by the voices of your candidates. We hope you’re as thrilled as we are as you embark on this adventure. In this introduction, you’ll read about:
why you need this guide what you’ll learn from this guide the mindset that’ll serve you best in this process
Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Why This Guide?

Becoming a Diversity and Inclusion champion will make you an attractive potential employer but, far more importantly, it’ll have you embark on an uplifting journey of continuous improvement in the way to treat your potential employees.

We believe that a step-by-step approach to Inclusive Hiring will set you up for success in this transformative journey. That’s why we structured our practical Inclusive Hiring tips according to the typical workflows from Talent Acquisition teams.

To give your journey direction, you need a compass. In the third chapter, we’ll show you how you can measure the Diversity and Inclusion practices you’ve chosen to adopt and apply. Measuring Diversity and Inclusion will get you to your Inclusive Hiring designation.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • The best inclusive hiring practices you can adopt
  • How you can measure your Diversity and Inclusion progress
  • Organizations who paved the way to inclusive hiring with inspirational initiatives
  • The current state of affairs regarding inclusive hiring, complete with statistics that can help your harder-to-persuade colleagues to grasp its dimensions
  • More entries to continuous learning about Diversity and Inclusion with a list of resources that can support and inspire you

What Is Inclusive Hiring?

Let’s agree on what inclusive hiring is before moving on to the tips.
“The inclusive hiring process actively recognizes Diversity and embraces a wide range of qualities and perspectives that candidates bring to the organization. It’s not simply about recruiting people from underrepresented backgrounds or with disabilities in an effort to tick off a box. Instead, inclusive hiring practices aim to level the playing field for all applicants in order to fight against recruitment bias and any form of discrimination.” – AIHR

A Few Words of Encouragement

We hope that this guide can be your map as you explore inclusive hiring. You’ll undoubtedly make some mistakes – after all, who doesn’t? – but our wish is that they’ll be fewer and easier to fix as you grow. We’re excited about this adventure and looking forward to cheering you on as you make substantial improvements to your hiring practices. You might find yourself re- envisioning your entire hiring process!

The Inclusive Hiring Guide’s Structure

You will be able to browse through the chapters that you consider to be useful, as every part of this guide can be utilized independently.

Chapter 1

Practical Tips for Hiring More Inclusively

In this chapter, we’ll share a list of practical recommendations for every step of your hiring process.

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Chapter 2

Are You On Track?
Measure Your Inclusive Hiring Practices

In order to improve something, you have to measure it. Only then will you be able to guarantee an inclusive hiring experience for all your candidates.

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Chapter 3

Feel Motivated:
5 Organizations Paving the Way to Inclusive Hiring

Organizations that care about DEI birth fresh ideas, unlock new markets, and develop more innovative products. We'll share our top 5.

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Chapter 4

On the Current State of Inclusive Hiring - Stats & Facts

In this chapter, you’ll find our statistical digs on the current state of affairs around inclusive hiring.

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Chapter 5

Conclusion: Your Keys to Success

You’re now equipped with applicable insights on how to make your hiring process more inclusive. Here are the main takeaways you should remember.

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