The Ultimate Guide to Candidate Experience

What is Candidate Experience?

what is candidate experience


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What is Candidate Experience? It's the result of all the interactions your job applicants have with you during their journey. Of their feelings about you, from the beginning until the end of your recruitment process.It all starts with their awareness, consideration, interest, application, selection and, finally, hire. In many Talent Acquisition teams, onboarding is also seen as an important part of the candidate experience as it gives these new hires an idea of what to expect over the course of employment and whether or not it works for them.

what is candidate experience

During the recruitment process, you will be able to interact with job seekers in different ways: through your marketing efforts, career portal, social media communication, interviews, and even direct communication through email, text and, increasingly, video. The umbrella term you’ll often come across as a catch-all for this is the Candidate Journey. Whereas most of these interactions are digital, some are of a personal nature, but just as relevant. Now that you have learned that Candidate Experience is the ultimate sum of your candidates’ feelings related to their recruitment experience, you must be wondering how relevant CandE is in today’s recruitment scene. Go to the next chapter to understand what reputational and financial risks you might incur if you ignore Candidate Experience, and for the difference between feedback and reviews.