The Ultimate Guide to
Candidate Experience Feedback

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How is it measured?

Why is Candidate Experience crucial to your recruitment efforts?
How can it be improved?

How is it measured?

Why is Candidate Experience crucial
to your recruitment efforts?

How can it be improved?

What Is This Guide About?

This guide will explain what Candidate Experience is and why gathering feedback to improve it is so crucial nowadays. We will take you down your candidate journey funnel and explore their experience pain points, to help you find your areas of improvement.

Your Actionable Insight

We will show you which actions in your recruitment process could trigger a survey and suggest some questions for you to ask your candidates.

We will then compare ad-hoc and automated methods of gathering and analyzing feedback data, and making Candidate Experience metrics and data actionable.

About the Guide’s Structure

You will be able to browse through the chapters that you consider to be useful, as every part of this guide can be utilized independently.

Chapter 1

What is Candidate Experience?

We’ll begin with defining candidate experience as the sum of your candidates’ experience during the recruitment process. What goes into a good Candidate Experience?

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Chapter 2

Why Is Candidate Experience Feedback Important? And Aren’t Feedback and Reviews the Same?

What are the risks that you incur if you ignore Candidate Experience? What is the impact of bad reviews? And what is really the difference between reviews and feedback?

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Chapter 3

The Different Kinds of Candidates, the Candidate Journey Funnel & Experience Pain Points

Is there only one kind of candidate? What are the steps your candidate goes through during the recruitment process, and what are their pains?

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Chapter 4

How Do I Get Candidate Experience Feedback in My Recruitment Process?

What is the best process to gather feedback for Candidate Experience? And what are the right questions you need to ask your candidates in a survey?

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Chapter 5

Candidate Experience Feedback: Manual vs. Automated

Let’s debunk the myth. Is ad-hoc feedback really cheaper and simpler than automated?

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Chapter 6

How Do You Implement Feedback Collection? And Can You Integrate It Into Your ATS/CRM

What are the benefits of integrating feedback collection in your ATS or CRM?

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Chapter 7

What Kind of Metrics Should You Use to Improve Your Candidates’ Experience?

What are the fundamental metrics you should use? What is cNPS?

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Chapter 8


This chapter synthesizes what we’ve learnt in the previous sections of the guide.

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